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  • About Us


OUR PHILOSOPHY is the online destination for lovers of coins and banknotes who wish to start or complete a collection, or simply experience at least once in their life that magic emotion of holding an old coin in the palm of your hand.

With the ambitious goal of revolutionizing Numismatics in the world through Internet, we brought together our passion for coins and our know-how in e-commerce to rethink the concept of buying a numismatic item.

OUR STORY is a brand of the company Comptoir des Monnaies. Founded in 1977 in France (in Epernay, the world capital of Champagne), the family company has placed itself among the leaders in its business in Europe, developing recognized expertise in Numismatics and offering today one of the largest coin catalogs on the Internet.


Today, the family business is present in the North of France and has 7 numismatic institutions and consists of a team of twenty people with a certified and approved knowledge in Numismatics.


Our team of experts consists of numismatists each specialized in a specific field:

  • Ancient coins (Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Celtic)
  • French coins (Feudal, Royal, Revolutionary, Carolingian, Modern, Colonial)
  • French banknotes: Banque de France, the Treasury, proof, specimen, error notes and assignat
  • World coins and banknotes (Europe, USA, Asia, Canada, South America)
  • Emergency money
  • Tokens and medals
  • Military decorations
  • Investment in gold and silver coins (France and World)

Numismatics were reserved for an elite for too long. With, we abolish the privileges! We seek to meet every budget, all profiles, all countries. Our experts take as much pleasure to discuss with a history professor as to advise a starting young numismatist! We want to convince the world that a modern approach of coin collecting is possible. To buy a coin should not be an obstacle course but a real fun time. offers comfort and ease of shopping online, but also all the guarantees of traditional e-commerce: payment and secure delivery, the right to change your mind, and high quality service.


With, we aim to build a new approach to Numismatics worldwide and through internet: simpler, more exciting and more accessible to all. We are a young team of enthusiasts, and seek to distinguish ourselves daily by our discipline and our search for excellence. We promise you to always do our best to maximize your satisfaction and to bring to you an extraordinary experience of collecting.