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 Maureen's Emporium incorporating Mo's Postcards and The Nostalgia Store is run by Maureen and Tony, a mother and son team. If a buyer waits for an invoice, or uses the Ebay shopping basket then they will pay just £1 P & P for any size order to a UK address. Take advantage of our ** Buy 4, Get 1 Free Offer **. Only applies if you add 5 items to the Ebay shopping basket. Overseas buyers only pay the one P & P fee regardless of the order size. Unfortunately if items are purchased and paid for separately then they will be posted separately as Ebay charge extra fees for each transaction. This is why we kindly ask you to use the Ebay shopping basket and then request an invoice. Every day we add many new items to our store.

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Postage Costs
For UK purchases remember that you only pay £1.00 P & P regardless of how many items you buy. For multiple purchases please wait for me to send you an invoice.
For multiple Non UK purchases I will advise you on P & P costs and send you an invoice.
Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Will you be listing more postcards?
  A: My intention is to list new postcards and other collectables every day. The aim is to have in excess of 50,000 postcards and collectables on Ebay. This could take some time though!.
 Q: Why do you not show the postcard image for genealogy postcards?
  A: The reason I do not scan the postcard image is because most of the postcards have varying degrees of damage and are only really useful for family history research. I do not want to disappoint someone by thinking they will get a very good condition postcard.
 Q: Will you e-mail me with a scanned image from a genealogy postcard?
  A: Yes, Although I do not do this as routine I am always happy to assist in whatever way I can. Simply send me your e-mail address and I will add the image as an attachment.
 Q: What is your policy on people leaving neutral and negative feedback?
  A: If someone has a problem with an order then I will do everything I can to rectify the situation. Unfortunately apart from a refund there is nothing I can do about items getting lost in the post. My policy is simple if someone leaves me negative or neutral feedback then I simply will not do business with them again.
 Q: How many Pamlin Print postcards do you have available?.
  A: I own the original makers stock of Pamlin Prints. I purchased these a few years ago and have approx 100,000 Pamlin Prints. Although I have now run out of specific lines of Pamlin postcards I will still have the largest overall stock anywhere in the world. Please browse through my extensive range in my Ebay shop.
 Q: What payment methods will you accept?
  A: I will only accept Paypal, UK cheques and UK postal orders.
 Q: How long before you expect payment?
  A: Ideally I would like payment made within 7 days. If you drop me a line because you want to purchase more items, or wait for more items to be listed then I would be happy to wait longer. If I get no contact or payment after 14 days then I will add that person to the Ebay blacklist so they cannot buy from me again.
 Q: If I purchase an item with free P & P do I have to pay the P & P quote for other items purchased at the same time?.
  A: No, If you purchase an item which offers free P & P then any other items purchased with the one payment invoice will also be eligible for free P & P. I only charge £1 for standard P & P to a UK address. So, if one purchased item gives free P & P then all purchased items will be free P & P. This offer is only available for UK orders
 Q: Will you combine postage costs?
  A: Yes I will always combine P & P costs. Any amount of items purchased for a UK address will only cost £1.00 (Unless one of the cards has free P & P). All I ask is that you wait for me to send you an invoice before you try and pay.