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  • Do you sell authentic shoes?
  • ACROSSPORTS is a professional international shoes seller located in Taiwan. We only sell authentic top brand name sneakers with the original box. We have been a trusted reputation since 2000. Our 99.9% positive customer feedback is the best proof.
  • What's the quality of the shoes?
  • ACROSSPORTS cooperates with authorized top brand dealers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and US. The low exchange rates in Asia help ACROSSPORTS to offer high quality of shoes with affordable price to our customer. We buy shoes from those official dealers and carefully examine all the shoes one by one, hand by hand, before we send it to our customers.
  • Are the shoes in pictures the same as the actual items?
  • All of our shoes in photos are the same as the actual items. If there is any defect, we will show it in the photo. Please use our hover over the photos to inspect the shoes in every inch.
  • Is there any extra bonus item like extra shoelaces, cards, tags, etc?
  • If the shoes came with extra bonus item, we definitely will make sure that our customers get the extra bonus whatsoever. Please first check the extra bonus thing to the pertinent shoes official website.
  • Can you keep me updated on new arrivals, store events from ACROSSPORTS?
  • It is our honor to inform our customers about those events. Please add ACROSSPORTS as your favorite eBay seller. It also important for our valued customers to sign up for ACROSSPORTS news letter. We will send updates to you according your interest.
  • How can I find shoes in your store?
  • Finding the shoes you like in our store is easy.
  • Please go to ACROSSPORTS store.
  • On the upper left corner, you will see a "Browse Our Store" section. You can start finding your shoes by brand or style.
  • Once you select your browse method, it will show you a refine search option on the upper left corner.
  • Specify your shoes size and other preferences and you will find your shoes right away.
  • If you still can not find the shoes you like, you're more than welcome to contact us at and we do our best to help you find the shoes you're looking for.
  • This is my first time buying from ACROSSPORTS, what are the purchase steps?
  • It's our pleasure to start doing business with you. Please use following steps to purchase from us.

  • Find the shoes you love in our store.
  • Please make sure you are aware that we're located in Taiwan and therefore international shipping will be the way to send the shoes to you. Please make sure you check our shipping policies to get an idea regarding shipping time and cost to your country.
  • Select your exact shoes size and color.
  • Decide the quantity you would like to order. (single or multiple items order).
  • Please use Paypal to finish the checkout process. Once the payment is made, we¡¦ll right the way send the package to your address. Thank you very much.
  • What are "Buy It Now", "Sale", and "Auction" categories?
  • Buy It Now category: >Customer can buy the items immediately without having to bid against other customers.

    Sale category: The place for our beloved customers to find the best offer from ACROSSPORTS store.

    Auction category: Customers bid agaist each other for some particular shoes for a set period of time.

    It must be noted that the size and color for shoes placed on ¡§Sale¡¨ and ¡§Auction¡¨ are limited as described in the photos and description. Customer ought to pay attention to ¡§Sale¡¨ and ¡§Auction¡¨ policy before making the offer. Thank you.
  • Does you accept credit cards, Western Union bank transfer, money orders, or personal checks?
  • We only accept PayPal as the payment method. PayPal is secure, easy, fast, and free for buyers.
    If you do not have a PayPal account, please spare some minutes to create one or you can ask your friends or family to help you pay through PayPal.
    We do not accept other means for payment including credit cards, western union bank transfers, money orders, or personal checks.
  • Do you provide discount for bulk purchase?
  • In general, we do provide discount for bulk purchase. Please send your inquery to
  • Can I cancel my order?
  • Ebay charges us transaction fee (significant amount) when order is made by customer. The only way seller can cancel a order is by sending a strike to customer via Ebay's system.
    Our policy is if payment is not completed within 7 days of order, we will have to send out strike to protect ourself. We hope you understand our dilemma.
  • What shipping service does ACROSSPORTS use for shipping? Is it reliable and fast?
  • ACROSSPORTS uses EMS Postal Service, a worldwide fast and reliable professional shipping service. Insurance and tracking number service are included. When we ship the package out, we will also send out tracking information to our customers to track and confirm shipping process status.
  • Do you ship to my country?
  • ACROSSPORTS takes orders from customers around the world and it has been our daily routines since ten years ago. We work as hard as we can to cover all the countries where our customers need us to ship to. We're proud to say we ship to every corner on the earth.
  • How much is the shipping cost and how long does it take to deliver my package?
  • Please see below for the shipping cost and estimated delivery time.

  • If I order multiple items, do you provide shipping discount?
  • Yes, we have shipping discount for multiple items. Please see below.
  • Can I change the shipping address, shoes size or color?
  • If you need to change size, color or shipping address, please inform us right after your payment.
    We request you to do so because our shipping process is very fast (normally within 12 hours of payment). Before your order is sent, we are happy to accommodate your needs. However, after the item is sent, such requests will not be able to be accomplished. Please do understand our position. Thank you.
  • In addition to shipping fee, is there any other fee I need to pay? How about the custom fees, duties, and taxes?
  • There are no other fees you need to pay to us. However, it must be noted that ACROSSPORTS is not responsible for any customs fees, taxes and duties. Before purchasing shoes from us, customers must be aware of this policy. If you do not agree with it, please do not bid on it. Thank you very much.
  • Is it possible that custom in my country hold the package? How do I handle it?
  • Some countries like Italy, Netherlands, Mauritius, Guatemala, Reunion, and maybe some other countries have more strict customs regulations. We can only mark it as merchandise and slightly lower the value for customers from those countries. If the customs still tax the package, buyers will be responsible for it. We hope you understand this is the best we could do for you.
  • Do you provide tracking information for my order?
  • Yes, we do. Once we receive payment from you, we will ship your item out as soon as we can. We will email the tracking information to you. You can also input your tracking number in this website to get the most updated information.
  • What is the return and exchange policy?
  • We accept returns with following policies

    If buyer receives an item which does not match the description on its ebay listing:
    ACROSSPORTS strives to provide the best service to our customers, but on rare occasions, it is possible that we make mistakes. We are sorry for it and are committed to fix it as fast as possible. Please contact us and include your ebay ID and the ebay item number of your purchase. We will give you information to return the shoes and we will pay for the shipping fees which incurs in the process.

    If buyer receives a correct item as described in the ebay listing, but buyer wants to change to a different size:
    Please contact us and to check if we have other sizes in stock. If we do, we will be happy to exchange it for you. Please send back the shoes to us first. Buyer will be responsibile for the shipping cost which incurs in the exchange process. If we do not have other sizes for you, we accept return. Please send back the shoes to us first. After we inspect the item and confirm it is still in unworn condition with original packaging, we will refund full amount less shipping cost to you. In other words, buyer will be responsibile for the shipping cost which incurs in the process.

    If buyer receives a correct item as described in the ebay listing, but buyer wants to return for other reasons:
    Once in a while, we have buyers wanting to return items even though there are no problems with the items. We understand that there may be personal reasons and therefore we're willing to accept return. Please send back the shoes to us first. After we inspect the item and confirm it is still in pristine condition with original packaging, we will refund full amount less shipping cost to you. In other words, buyer will be responsibile for the shipping cost which incurs in the process.

  • The package was attempted to be delivered to me but it¡¦s failed, or it¡¦s said that the address is incorrect or can not be found. What should I do?
  • Most of the time, it is because there is no body home when delivery is attempted. Please first check the status of package first through the tracking system. It is easier for customers to contact the local post office fist. More often than not, customers pick up the package directly from the post office. If the package is still missing, please contact us at Please provide your eBay ID and the eBay item number of your purchase. We will try our best to get the package.
  • What is your contact method?
  • If you still have further questions, please send email to We will respond to you as soon as possible.