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 Used Video Game Yamatoku-Classic

Used Video Game Yamatoku-Classic

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 Lots of RARE and COOL video games, NES, SNES, NeoGeo, Sega Saturn, Play Station and etc as well as Consoles!! 

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  • FAQ for BIN and Auction
Please check FAQ before contacting us.

Item Details Shipping Combined Shipping Payment Returns
Can I see the other photos?
A. We can provide the only photos already shown on eBay.
Does this item have some scraches
A. You can confirm if the item has scraches by the photos on "Item Description"
I don't understand what "defective" is.
A. There is a possibility that an item does not work or there are some troubles.
Does the item work?
A. Please check "Item Description" to confirm all information shown on eBay.
Does this item include ○○? (Instraction, AC adapotor, cables)
A. Please check all information about this item on "Item Description"
I would like to buy ○○. Do you have it ?
A. All of our stocks are on eBay. Every time we get a new item, it will be on sell on eBay. Please keep you updated on eBay.
Please send them by 3 boxes.
A. We are afraid that you can not choose numbers of boxes because all shipping methods have the weight and size limitation.
Why the shipping fee is so higher than other stores ?
A. Our shipping charge depends on the package weight including the packing materials and our handling fee is included in the shipping fee.
The shipping fee I paid and the fee written by the Japan Post are different. Can I get a refund?
A. Our shipping fee depends on the package weight including the packing materials and our handling fee is included in the shipping fee.
Therefore the shipping fee written by the Japan Post and our shipping fee are not same.
I can not pay all items at once, please divide invoices.
A. We cannot accept that. When you win several items, please remember to pay for all invoices all at once. Please bid items as long as you can pay all at once.
Pleae send box [1] today and send box [2] and [3] the day after tomorrow.
A. We are afraid we do not keep your items. When we confirm your payment, all of your items will be sent.
I want you to send item [A] by Surface and send the other items by SAL.
A. We are afraid but you can not choose 2 shipping methods.
You can choose only one shipping method per payment.
Today I paid for 3 items and I'm bidding other 2 items so please wait to send the 3 items. I want to combine all items.
A. We are afraid you can not combine your item other items if your payment is already confirmed and each item is sent as soon as your payment is made.
Only if your payment is not made yet, your items are kept for certain days according to our rule.
When will you ship items?
A. After we are ready to ship your package, we will send shipping information to your mail address. Please kindly wait for the information.
Please give me a tracking number.
A. After we are ready to ship your package, we will send the shipping information with a tracking number.
A tracking number for Surface has not been updated for several days.
A. The tracking information is not updated until your package arrives in your country. It takes about 2-3 months to arrive in your country so the tracking information may not be changed for 2-2.5 months.
After the ship arrives in your country, the tracking information will be updated. Please kindly wait for the updated information for a while.
Q. I haven't received my pacakge yet.
A. If you do not receive your package with in estimated delivery data, there is a possibility that your package has been blocked by the custom in your country or has been stopped at your post office.
In that case, please contact them with the tracking number on your own.
How much is the shipping cost for ○○ ?
A. You can check approximate shipping fee on our "Shipping" section. After you win an item, an invoice will be sent to you from us.
The item [A] wasn't in a box.
A. 1. (In case we sent several boxes to you ) Please check if you have received all boxes whcih we sent.
2. We often wrap several items together. If you have not cheked all yet, please kindly check them at first.
3. If you have already received all boxes and checked them, but you could not find [A], please contact us as soon as you could.
Please put this item in box [1] and other items in box [2].
A.We are afraid but you can not confirm how your items will be combined. We will randomly put items in a box.
Can you please combine shipping?
A. We automatically combine items every time you win a new item.
Therefore, if you want to combine items, please remember to pay all items to combine.
An invoice is sent automatically everytime you win a new item.
Please wait for an updated invoice.
Once your payment is confirmed, other items can not be combined with your items.
Can I combine items?
A. Yes you can. Please note you need to pay all items at once to combine them.
I won items with several ID. Can I combine all of them?
A. No, you can not. We can not combine items with different buyer ID because of our system and security. If you won items by different ID, you need to make a payment according to each ID.
I combined some items but I want to split them.
A. Once you combine your items and your request is approved, you cannot split them again because of our system.
Tell me how much the combine shipping fee would be, if I won [A], [B] and [C].
A. Our shipping charge depends on the package weight including the packing materials.
So we can not inform you about the precise shipping fee
Please tell me about the payment deadline. Can you extend the payment deadline?
A. Our payment rule is that you can keep your item within 7 days after the end of auction and there is no need to contact us within 7 days.
If you can not make your payment within 7 days, your item will be canceled automatically
How do I pay for my purchase?
A. We only accept payment through Paypal.
What is the return policy?
A. We offer a 30 days money back guarantee.Please contact us with in 30 days after you receive items.Return shipping postage is our responsibility.
We will offer you a full/partial return(item fee and postage fee). Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.
Do not disassemble the product. Otherwise, we cannot assure that you get a refund.